Lord Of The Flies

  • Publisher : Faber
  • Author : William Golding
  • ISBN : 9780571191475
  • MBE Code : 108
  • Number Of Pages : 226
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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Lord of The Flies won a Nobel Prize For Literature. This paperback is a staple of many secondary school children’s backpack. MBE Books supply plastic jackets free of charge which are already fitted to the books. Next day delivery and high quality brand products with a substantial discount make them a leading book supplier for schools.

Lord of The Flies is based around a story of a plane that crashes on an abandoned island, the pilot is immediately killed, and the only people left are a group of school boys. The survivors have to become self sufficient and natural leaders emerge. They initially enjoy the sun and the beautiful island they now occupy, consisting of deep blue seas and exotic wildlife. But when the darkness falls, they are haunted by the fearful image of a beast. The author William Golding created an adventure story with a classic theme but with a devastating twist. The boys childish fears become transformed into something much deeper and darker as human nature creates rifts, power struggles and tyranny. A portrayal of the political systems of democracy and dictatorship and a careful unravelling of individual characters and habits leads to what becomes an inevitable reality of fear and fighting.