Oxford School Shakespeare: The Tempest

  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Author : William Shakespeare
  • ISBN : 9780198325000
  • MBE Code : 142
  • Number Of Pages : 160
  • Book Cover : Paperback
  • Series : Oxford School Shakespeare

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The Tempest is a popular text for study by secondary school students, across the globe. Included in the Oxford School Shakespeare collection, which is an acclaimed edition which has been specifically designed for students.

With the included:

  • Accessible on-page notes and explanatory illustrations.
  • Clear background information.
  • Attentive but accessible scholarly credentials.

And exclusively within this specific edition includes:

  • Illustrations.
  • Preliminary notes.
  • Reading lists (Which also include websites.)
  • Classroom notes.

The storyline revolves around Alonso, who is the King Of Naples, who is returning from his daughter’s wedding which was held in Tunis. Where he is accompanied by his son, Ferdinand, his brother, Sebastian and Antonio, who is the Duke of Milan. And, you can easily purchase our books in a bulk availability, here at MBE. Where your delivery will be provided with a competitive discount.