Journey’s End

  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Author : R C Sheriff
  • ISBN : 9780141183268
  • MBE Code : 171
  • Number Of Pages : 96
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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Journey’s End is an unflinching vision of life, which is dedicated around the surrounding trenches towards the end of the First World War, and published to you in Penguin Classic, here at MBE.

Concerned around a group of British officers, who are faced upon the front line in a dugout in the trenches of France. Journey’s End follows the life of Raleigh, a new eighteen-year-old officer, who is fresh out of English public school and joined by the besieged company of not only his cricketing hero but friend Stanhope.

However to find him as a changed person, and not the man he used to be…

Through the enormous success that he received, this enabled Sherriff to become a full-time writer, with plays such as Badger’s Green, St Helena and The Long Sunset; though he is also remembered as a screenplay writer for films such as The Invisible Man, Goodbye Mr Chips and The Dam Busters.