Private Peaceful

  • Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers
  • Author : Michael Morpurgo
  • ISBN : 9780008638542
  • MBE Code : 115
  • Number Of Pages : 208
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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This stunning edition of Private Peaceful includes a modern classic of World War One, which features an introduction by the famous author Michael Morpurgo and insightful testimonies from soldiers. Reflected through the voice of Private Tommo Peaceful, this story follows the important twenty-four hours at the front and captures his memories of his family and his village orientated life. But by no means as tranquil as it appeared.

This empowering text includes full vivid detail and the engrossing atmosphere, which lead to a dramatic and moving conclusion. Private Peaceful is both a compelling love story, but also a deeply moving account of the First World War.