Crossing The Line (Shortlisted For The Yoto Carnegie Medal 2024)

  • Publisher : Bonnier
  • Author : Tia Fisher
  • ISBN : 9781471413049
  • MBE Code : 580
  • Number Of Pages : 368
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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‘Do you feel safe?’

A powerful novel exploring how teenagers can be swept up into county lines.

Erik’s life has been falling apart ever since his dad died. Homework and being good at school stop feeling important when you’re the new man of the house. When Erik’s bad behaviour attracts the wrong crowd, he’s sucked into a terrifying new world of drug dealing, trap houses and violence.

Making money feels good but Erik soon learns that a small favour can become a huge debt.

And when his sisters’ lives are threatened, Erik will have to cross one more line to save them.

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