The Hunger Games

  • Publisher : Scholastic
  • Author : Suzanne Collins
  • ISBN : 9781407132082
  • MBE Code : 123
  • Number Of Pages : 436
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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Revolving around the sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who regards it as a death sentence when she is forced to represent her own district. In the Annual Hunger Games. Which concludes with a fight to the death on live television. But this isn’t the first case of Katniss being close to death… The aspect of survival has become second nature to her.

The title of The Hunger Games is a compelling novel, which is set in a futuristic and unsettling parallel to our present life.

Welcome to the deadliest reality television show you will ever come across…

The Hunger Games is the first included in the trilogy of texts written by the American Novelist, Suzanne Collins. And have all been created into highly successful international film adaptations. So, you can captivate your students with this modern title. And, with our quick, next day delivery, we will ensure to provide you with everything your school needs with our professional customer service.