• Publisher : Barrington Stoke
  • Author : Marcus Sedgwick
  • ISBN : 9781800901926
  • MBE Code : 546
  • Number Of Pages : 114
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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A grim discovery brings disturbing revelations in this chilling ghost story from bestselling author Marcus Sedgwick, set amid a backdrop of family discord and growing social discontent.

On holiday in Yorkshire, James is bored out of his mind being dragged around various old ruins as his dad tries to trace his family’s roots. Then one day as his parents bicker and his moody teenage brother ignores him, James hears mischievous laughter and the ghost of a young girl appears to him at Crackpot Hall. When the girl first urges James to follow him, he’s afraid and runs away. But when she appears again after another argument between James and his brother, he goes after her, leading to a gruesome discovery that reveals a terrible truth about his family.

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