Oxford English Thesaurus For Schools

  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Author : .
  • ISBN : 9780192776556
  • MBE Code : 132
  • Number Of Pages : 800
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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The ample Oxford English Thesaurus For Schools is essential for any writing support needed. And ideal for specifically Key Stage 3 & 4 students.

This secondary school orientated thesaurus is simple-to-use, with its accessible layout. And delivers a wide vocabulary, that contains admirable coverage of the curriculum words. Plus, it even provides the context within the age-appropriate example sentences, which have been sourced from the best children’s books and teenage fiction titles, to enable students on how-to-use language most effectively.

Powered by the Oxford Children’s Corpus, which is a unique electronic database which consists of millions of words written specifically for children.

Which includes:

  • Hands-on-support for young writers, with a unique toolkit on writing skills.
  • How to write well
  • Panels highlighting common pitfalls
  • Useful suggestions for replacing overused words

This is ideal for students within the preparation of Spoken Language Study and the English Language objectives that are needed for the GCSE specifications for Key Stage 3 & 4. And where permitted, this is ideal for Controlled Assessments.

This is the perfect companion for the Oxford English Dictionary For Schools, which we also provide to you at MBE Books.