Al Capone Does My Shirts

  • Publisher : Bloomsbury
  • Author : Gennifer Choldenko
  • ISBN : 9780747568988
  • MBE Code : 209
  • Number Of Pages : 240
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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When Moose Flanagan and his family move home, yet again. They become residents of the famous prison island Alcatraz, where many things become very interesting. First of all, they share the island with the surrounding other families and an inclusion of heavy-duty criminals including Al Capone.

And secondly, Moose’s sister is beginning at a new school, where everyone hopes this will help her become more integrated with those around her. But, when Moose comes up with the idea of cunning money-making schemes based on his famous co-residents, he does not count on his sister becoming inadvertently involved.

The charming, funny and enchanting book of Al Capone Does My Shirts, has been skilfully created with delicate aspects of humorous tales, and important issues.