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Oxford Playscripts: Dracula

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He is known as Nosferatu, the Undead.

He will always be able to find you.

He can walk through a door that is locked and he can change his shape.

One day he may look like a man but then the next he could change. Sometimes he may be a wolf-like dog and at other times he may be a bat that is hiding his presence from humankind.

And through all of this, he will never fall ill and he will never die.

However, if you make the wrong choice of inviting him into your home, then prepare for him to take away your life and your soul.

This brand-new, yet innovative edition of Oxford Playscript: Dracula contains activities which are tailored to support the KS3 framework for teaching English and to also help students fulfil their given Framework Objectives.

Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis and the structure of playscripts, acting as a springboard for personal writing.

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