Top 5 English Class Texts Students Should Read Before Leaving School

It is always beneficial for anyone to read books, especially if the student wants to progress their educational journey with English. But sometimes it is hard to identify some amazing books to read, which is why we are going to go through our top 5 chosen English class texts that every student should read before leaving school.

Let’s start with our first recommendation, To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

Originally published in 1960 by the late, successful American novelist, Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel that is still continuously admired and used as a fantastic learning resource for students to this day.

This brilliant novel is a popular choice for teachers and students as it provides a multitude of important life lessons, alongside a highly useful array of English language techniques. It is also clear to see in this text, that it helps to teach the reader how to respect others and their elders. So, not only are you helping them explore their skills with the English language, but they are also learning about how to respect others and how to develop as they transform into adulthood.

The life lessons that this novel provides to people in the 21st century is something to be admired, alongside the intricate language and deep meaning, making this a classic novel that will never fade away from English lessons.

The Harry Potter Series

Everyone has heard of Harry Potter! But do many people really know how beneficial JK Rowling’s ever-famous series really is for secondary school students’ progression?

You may not see Harry Potter frequently within the classroom, but these are perfect books for students to explore in their own time that can be analysed alongside the film adaptations, which is perfect for visual learners as they can associate the adaptation more visually and refer back to the text.

Within this series of fantastic books, you will find a range of positive aspects, which include –

– These books are filled with rich vocabulary, which can help them to continuously improve their word choices within their writing.

– With its twists and turns, these stories help to keep students entertained and engrossed into the storyline.

– Just like, To Kill A Mockingbird, these books help to teach essential life lessons and build the readers sense of empathy.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

This text is definitely recommended for higher aged secondary school students, as it is filled with raw emotion. This novel by the gifted author, John Boyne explores the story of nine-year-old Bruno, who knows nothing of the Final Solution and the Holocaust. 

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas details the obliviousness of Bruno, who doesn’t know anything about the cruelties happening on the people of Europe.

Enriched with history and a realistic adaptation of how the world really was during WWII, this text explores the endearing friendship between Bruno and Shmuel, a Jewish boy who is across the fence, but all leads to unexpected consequences.

This novel is filled with powerful morals, alongside captivating text that keeps your students focused on the progression of Bruno and Shmuel’s lives.

This book has also been created into a film adaptation, perfect for your students to associate the story with the visual representation of what really happened.

Great Expectations

Highly argued to be one of the greatest novels to ever be written, Great Expectations is known for its jam-packed humour, alongside a highly entertaining cast of brilliantly named characters.

Teachers may find that certain students are not fully interested when it comes to Charles Dickens and his work, but as a teacher, you need to provide a chance to help them explore just how amazing his written work really is, which is why you should teach them one of the greats, like this brilliant novel.

This story reflects on the life of Pip, who is an orphan from a poor background who learns a lesson in life after his increase of personal wealth provides an uneasy experience that changes him for the worse. However, as this novel progresses you will meet the characters who helped bring this story to life and to find out the outcome of Pip’s future.

This novel really provides a more personal feel for the reader, as they begin to feel they are alongside him during the journey with the use of brilliant vocabulary and compelling text.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

This heartwarming novel by the talented author, Mark Haddon focuses on how everyone is different in their own way, which is reflected by Christopher, who is a 15-year-old boy who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism.

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time explores how Christopher delves deep into his own journey he has created, all starting with a dead dog on the lawn…

However, the more he unearths, the deeper the mystery gets for not only himself but for the rest of the family too.

This fantastic book shows how Christopher differentiates himself from the teenage protagonists’ coming-of-age story, which is ultimately to become independent and find his role in the world. But because of his condition, Christopher cannot be as independent as he would like.

There is always time in your life to explore tasks that can help you with your future, especially reading. 

Reading is an amazing way to help anyone gain their confidence in English writing and speaking, so why not take more time to read the books you have been interested in?

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