Tips For Leaving School & Joining College

Moving to college or sixth form is a nerve-racking time for any secondary school student, but during this long period of time off, certain students can lose their motivation within learning and move on to new things.

At MBE Books, we are going to go through essential tips on how your child or student can be supported and motivated for their new adventure, which they will hopefully be partaking in as soon as the world regains normality.

Let’s have a look at some helpful things that can help the transition period move as smoothly as possible.

It May Be Difficult But It’s Not Just You!

What everyone needs to remember, is that there are so many students that are also going through this transition period, you are not alone.

You may find in schools that you see students that are not coming across ‘fazed’ by the new step, but they won’t be any more knowledgeable or wiser when it comes to finding new classrooms, adapting to where to go for break times and how to correctly use their new student ID.

Never be afraid to ask anyone for help, it’s what they are there for! In fact, other students will be happy to acknowledge that they are not the only one looking for help, it is also a brilliant way to help form new bonds and friendships.

Why Not Get Involved?

Unlike school, attending college provides a new sense of freedom for students. There is a multitude of new, exciting events and activities that they can get involved in. It is another brilliant way to meet new people and show off your hidden talents.

Without a doubt, many of these situations will insist that students interact with one another, so be yourself and take the time to form new bonds.

Another brilliant bonus in taking part in these activities is that they look great on your university applications, as they reflect that you are interested in pursuing your skills and that you are a confident character that has no trouble with group communication, or in different circumstances, a strong individual with high capabilities.

Get signing yourself up to things you enjoy!

Get To Know Your Tutors

Learning in college compared to school is a completely new environment, you will find it is more relaxed, but you might not be provided with as much guidance, as college is the time to help students rely on themselves with essential guidance just on their work and progression.

Furthermore, you will have a lot more interaction with your tutor, like you will in University, so try and take the time to get to know them and form a good working relationship, try and get to know them as early as possible as you gain your own confidence in asking them questions on how to achieve even better marks within your work.

They are an invaluable asset to your college journey!

Plan Your Journey Times When You Can

One that many of you might not think about until last minute, but all colleges offer a yearly bus pass for students that parents need to be informed about beforehand. 

College is a lot different from school, it’s not a 5-day a week, 9am-3pm day anymore, they will change to different times of the week, so make sure you plan out your bus times or the way you are going to college. It is essential to be organised!

The last thing you want to do is turn up late to a number of lessons, because tutors will not accept that type of behaviour, see what’s available and work out what’s best for you when you receive your college times.

flat lay photography of blue backpack beside book and silver MacBook

Follow The Rules!

Even though you may feel a slightly higher sense of freedom at college, you still need to go to all of your classes as it is the easiest way to keep up with your work and prevent getting snowed under with stress because you haven’t been attending.

Although, you will find that your workload will be slightly more intense, so you should always try and put in some time and effort in your own time too, so you don’t cram all of your work in at one time. Many colleges provide resource centres and computer facilities that can be used all week, so you don’t have to worry about only having access when you are in classes.

It is incredibly understandable that there will be nerves for the new changes ahead, but make sure you don’t leave yourself unmotivated during the pandemic, get a head start on things and try and explore more about the college you’re attending and maybe even the course/s you are going to take!

Keep safe and remember there are always people to help.