Online Classes For Students During The Pandemic

Right now, the days may seem different and a tad frightening, which is why you should try and make sure that life remains as close to normality as possible. Try to keep positive and make sure that you incorporate similar lesson guidelines and lesson timings within everyday life for your children.

In this blog, we will go through some fantastic online classes and resources that can help your children still receive A* grades from the comfort of their own sofa!

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize in one of the biggest UK revision websites, that has been loved by students and teachers for years, this is due to the wide audience it covers, with the revision help available to KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-level, Scottish Standard Grade and Highers and Welsh TGAU.

If you are a parent or teacher, you are more than likely recommended to use BBC Bitesize as it is full of user-friendly and interactive revision material for a massive range of GCSE subjects.

This online educational resource site provides you with revision and essential teaching information for GCSEs and A-levels.

A brilliant thing about S-Cool, which you don’t really see throughout online resources, is that they provide hints and tips for passing every exam whilst you learn and improve.

The GCSE subjects they include are –







Food Technology




For A-Levels, they also include study materials for –


Business Studies




RevisionWorld is a wide-ranging revision website that covers both GCSE and A-Levels, specifically providing help with the most popular subjects.

This resource also provides a lot of help with study skills, how to write a revision timetable, along with advice on apprenticeships and going on to university.

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The Most Common Exam Boards To Look Out For

AQA – AQA is one that most of us will have heard of, but make sure to have a look on their website, as they provide revision hints and helpful access to past papers that you can go through.

Pearson Education –  The organisation which includes Edexcel GCSE and A-Levels, BTECs, NVQs and LCCI qualifications.

OCR – OCR are great to browse past papers as well as study resources.

Maths Specific Revision Resources

We are now going to go through some of the best maths learning resources, where some even provide games that incorporate the subject within!


This resource helps to give children essential and free GCSE & A-level maths help, this includes revision resources, maths exam advice and revision videos, alongside an online tool to help create your own revision timetable.


Coolmath is definitely more of a fun activity resource, that is more suitable for a Friday afternoon treat or to allow them a job well done with something that is more enjoyable for them but, still learning as they play!

This online resource includes a lot of math-related games that are perfect for when students need to carry on a bit more to get that academic push they need.


MyMaths is a subscription tool, but the magic of this site is that teachers can add in tasks whenever they need to, this means during the pandemic you can easily monitor your student’s progression as you can see the overall percentage of how well they did and how many attempts it has taken them to reach 100% with the tasks you have assigned them at home.

Perfect for students to use in primary, secondary and all the way up to A-Level years, as this resource provides a high range of levels and difficulty for students to progress to.

English Specific Revision Resources

Let’s take a look at some English Language resources – 

ESL Lounge

ESL Lounge is all organised by level, this website has about 25 reading comprehension exercises per level, where you read a short text and then answer subject related questions. 

We would suggest giving yourself a designated time limit when doing these exercises to help provide an extra challenge and to help increase your reading speed. After you’ve answered the questions, take some time to look up any new words that you feel would work great within your writing.


TED is becoming more popular by the day, and is known to be an amazingly effective tool.

On this website, students are able to find numerous videos that are relevant to English, as well as other topics.

Every video is accompanied by a lesson that includes comprehensive questions that help improve overall understanding as well as open-ended questions and links to explore more about the subject.

All of the videos tend to be relatively short and easy to understand, they are also perfect for parents and children to watch together and support one another as your child learns.


This tool is more of a specific resource, but throughout the UK without a doubt, every student will have at least one William Shakespeare text that they need to learn inside and out, alongside an essential English Literature piece.

SparkNotes is a brilliant online resource that helps you translate and break down certain parts of the text to understand the meaning of the quote within this time period and help you to focus on certain quotes that you would elaborate on in exams.

Right now, everything may seem strange, but if everyone sticks together we can all get through this. If you are a parent or teacher that is reading this article, we really hope these resources help you move one step closer to an easier learning process for your child or pupils.

At MBE Books, we are here to help you in this difficult time. If you would like to find out more about what we can offer you, feel free to get in touch.