4 Of The Best Digital Resources For Secondary School English Teachers

With digital resources on the rise, it has never been easier for teachers to find essential teaching ideas, topics and reviews on the internet. In this blog, we will go through 4 of the best digital resources for secondary school English teachers, which are used every single day across the globe. Here at MBE Books, we help to make teaching even simpler!

Now, lets take a brief look at the digital resources we are going to go through that you could implement into your teaching plan.

1. Kahoot

2. TED-Ed

3. Youtube

4. BBC Bitesize

1. Kahoot!

A Kahoot quiz is essentially a series of questions which all provide between two to four multiple-choice answers.

Although (this is where the amazing part comes in) you can create your tailored quizzes for your class and duplicate and edit others, which means not only are you benefitting your pupils, you can also share your tailored quizzes to other teachers within your sector. Alongside this, you can also add in engaging images that especially help students whose brains are more visually stimulated.

Kahoot is a perfect resource that can help children become engaged with a subject topic using a different teaching method. Because as we all know sometimes the best way to profile your teaching is to change it up a bit, otherwise you can run the risk of certain students becoming less engaged in a ritualistic routine.

They only take a few minutes to make, so it is worth considering.

If you would like to find out more about Kahoot, whilst taking part in a highly fun demo! Click here.

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2. TED-Ed

You may have heard of TED, as the concept of TEDTalks are now on the rise. But the creators of TED have now innovated a new mission, which focuses on the youth and education sector. 

TED-Ed essentially helps to celebrate the ideas of both teachers and students around the world, as they support learning with their growing library of animated videos for teachers, alongside an international platform for teachers to also create their interactive lessons to help curious students around the globe come together and gain presentation literacy skills.

They currently hold a network of 250,000 teachers, which is continuously on the rise and is perfect for any teachers who are looking for classroom teaching inspiration, whilst showcasing their knowledge too.

Here is what you can create on Ted-Ed:

Your Lesson – Easily create your video-based lessons to share.

Student Talks – Students can create their talks, with their class or in clubs.

Educator talks – Learn how different educators in schools can have their TED-style talks.

As well as creating your content, you can also discover content too:

Lessons –  Discover video-based lessons that are organised in subjects to suit you.

Series – Discover videos that are organised into helpful themes.

Finding the right resources is essential, but it is also amazing to showcase your knowledge, whilst helping your students too. TED-Ed is an amazing way to help everyone in the educational sector, whilst also helping pupils gain confidence as they create their lesson type scenarios.

To find out more about this resource, from a teachers point of view. Click here.

File:TED three letter logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

3. Youtube

Students can learn an amazing deal of information just through videos, which is why using platforms such as Youtube for educational purposes is on the rise.

In everyday life and the classroom people use Youtube to solve many problems that they have, so why not find out the undeniable benefits of why you should use Youtube as part of your teaching technique? Let’s take a look.

Self-directed learning – Within many curriculum’s, you can use Youtube as a direct study tool, where they can find relevant information about the subject topic. Also, Youtube is a great way to break up the lesson pattern, as it can help students visualise what they are learning.

Essential Information – Let’s say that you have run out of time in the lesson, why not share useful links towards the end? Providing students with Youtube links can help benefit their learning by studying from video resources outside of school, creating an effective home and school balance. 

Enhanced Learning – Let’s carry on with what we touched on point one. Videos can easily illustrate ideas and engage students more substantially than textbooks, lectures and other activities. When you can, turn this easy (and free!) digital resource into an effective learning time in class.

Homework – Do you want your students to learn something before coming into class? Then why don’t you assign them the homework to watch a quick Youtube video in the lesson before so they are ready for the lesson ahead? This is great to get the class kickstarted and will also show who is taking in the information.

If you are interested in using Youtube more in the classroom, or maybe even for your learning purposes, then feel free to click here and search to your heart’s content!

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4. BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is a completely free online study support resource which helps school students with their learning. 

It is designed for both schoolwork and older learners during their exams, which means this is a reliable source that can be used for almost the whole of a students education, whether that be at home or school. This digital resource is great for both teachers and students as it provides information about broken down topics that you may struggle to receive information from.

TIP: If you are lucky enough to have the computer facilities for all of your students, then why not change up your usual lesson, by letting them flourish their knowledge with the use of technology? They could create an engaging poster, revision material or anything else you may think is beneficial which can all be supported by valuable information by BBC Bitesize, this is easy for any student to access.

If you would like to find out more about what BBC Bitesize can offer, then why not click here and take a look?

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Going digital is one of the best movements as you can learn valuable information yourself, which can be taught to your pupils. If you would like to use more digital resources within the classroom then why not take a look at the ones provided, they are free and easy to use!