12 Things Successful Teachers Do To Make Students Thrive

What Is The Definition Of A Successful Teacher? Let’s Find Out…

You may think it’s difficult to define yourself as a ‘successful teacher’, but it does not take as much as you may think. Students simply look for someone to motivate them during their learning journey, whilst also being supported in their success.

In this blog, we are going to go through 12 in-depth things which can help teachers become even more successful in the classroom, whilst helping to prevent the ever-looming worries that they put on themselves.

Learn how to be more confident in the classroom by reading our 12 top tips below.

1. Have A Sense Of Purpose

Having a sense of purpose may be an obvious one for many of us, but it takes much more than just providing the work. 

Sometimes, life is just mundane and tedious, because as we all know, we don’t constantly have ‘epic’ days. Teachers with a purpose are able to see the bigger picture that can help override the hard and boring stages as they have their perspectives further into the journey, whilst not being stuck in the difficult period that the student/s may be facing.

Make sure that you have objectives that are ahead of your time because these will ultimately help students to focus on the next step, which might just be the reason as to why they progress so well.

2. They Know When To Listen To Students & When To Ignore

Without a doubt, a teacher who never listens to his/her students will fail, although surprisingly, a teacher who always listens may also have the risk of falling too.

It is never a simple endeavour for a teacher to know when to listen, adapt and when to say ‘no, we are doing it this way’, but when it comes to making certain decisions, the teacher’s advice, guidance and work is the core for effective learning, as they are the only ones that know the long term picture for their students progressional learning.

3. Have A Positive Attitude

A constant wave of negative energy zaps student creativity and makes for a nice breeding ground of fierce failure. However, we all know that good teachers are the ones who have an upbeat mood, a sense of high vitality and energy and see past momentary setbacks to the end goal.

Ultimately, positivity breeds creativity, which is beneficial in any subject topic, but more importantly, for any students mindset too.

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4. They Expect Their Students To Achieve Success

This concept is one for parents too, as every student needs someone to believe in them, meaning that if they have several people supporting them, they have the constant motivation they need to do well. It is vital to have someone older and wiser to help stock in their abilities, set their bar high and then create an environment where it is okay for them to fail because it happens to everyone, regardless.

Doing this will help support your students the best way possible whilst helping them reach the expectations you have set for them.

5. Have A Sense Of Humour

Providing humour and wit will undoubtedly make a lasting impression, as it is known to reduce stress and frustration whilst giving people a chance to look at their circumstances from another point of view.

For example, if you interview 1000 students about their favourite teacher, it is highly likely that around 95% of them were funny and motivational educators. Also, have a think about your own favourite teacher in school, did they include funny characteristics into their teaching?

6. They Enjoy The Work They Provide

It is always simple to spot a teacher who loves their work, as they always provide a positive and almost contagious energy. Even if it is a subject that is highly complicated or hard to understand, they know how to make the subject come alive.

Undoubtedly, if you don’t love what you do, then it will come through in your teaching. If you feel you are in this situation, try and figure out why you feel so unmotivated, as it might not be the subject, but your expectations or overthinking. Try and adjust some areas you feel uninspired on and find your love for teaching come flooding back again.

7. Adapt To Students Needs

Classrooms are ever-evolving, depending on the day, your attendance rate and the phase of the moon, you might have to change your plans, or schedule different things in for the day.

As you and your students grow, your methods might have to as well. Make a connection with your students and your goals and you will have no trouble adapting to them as time goes on.

8. Take Time To Explore New Tools

With the everlasting development of technology, there are always fresh, new resources available that add great functionality to your classroom and even your curriculum. Plus, there is no doubt that your students are probably using the technology you haven’t even tapped into yet, so don’t be afraid to incorporate technology within the classroom every once in a while.

Although, technology can be an unfunded area in the current climate, your students are growing up in an environment where technology is everywhere, so try and give them a head start by incorporating it into your lessons if possible.

9. Provide Emotional Support

There are always days where your students will need that little added emotional support, rather than a piece of information. Connecting to your students on an emotional level makes it highly likely that they will listen to you and take your advice to heart.

Students will always need mentors as much as they need teachers.

10. Provide Fun To The Classroom

Only be strictly serious at times you need to be, because some days ‘fun’ should be the goal of the lesson. When students feel and see their real self, it helps to build a foundation of trust and respect.

You may think that fun and education aren’t mutually exclusive, but using humour can help to make even the most mundane of topics more interesting.

11. They Never Stop Learning

Great teachers always find the time to learn more for themselves, which not only improves your knowledge of your teaching topic but also helps to improve the teaching for your students.

This helps to give you a perspective about the initial learning process that you can easily forget about when you are always in teaching mode, so make sure to take time out for yourself to learn new things.

12. They Are Masters Of Their Subject

Successful teachers need to know their craft and in addition to the methodology of ‘teaching’, you need to master your subject area and make sure that you are ready for the full-time commitment.

Learn, learn and never stop learning. The best educators always stay curious.