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  • Author: Mary Shelley
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • MBE Book Code: 113
  • ISBN: 9781407144047
  • No. of Pages: 248
  • Type: Paperback
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Series: Scholastic Classics

The timeless gothic novel of Frankenstein presents the extraordinary battle between man and monster. With the attempt of creating life, the young student of Victor Frankenstein unleashes the force between his own control. Where he sets into motion of a long and tragic chain of events that create Frankenstein to reach the very brink of madness.

With how he tries to destroy his creation, also destroys everything Victor loves in his life.

This title is a powerful story that includes high aspects of love, friendship, scientific hubris and deep moments of horror. And if you feel this is the essential text for your learning establishment, then we provide a bulk delivery option which provides a competitive discount. And can be delivered to you the next day.

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