Martyn Pig

  • Publisher : Chicken House
  • Author : Kevin Brooks
  • ISBN : 9781913322182
  • MBE Code : 188
  • Number Of Pages : 256
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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His name is Martyn Pig, his name may be bad… But his life is even worse, it is filled with nothing but misery and it has always been that way.

His mother is gone. His father hates him. But at least things can’t get any worse. Or so he thought…

“Did I hate him? Of course I hated him. But I never meant to kill him.”

The extent of how much he hated his dad was high, but he never meant for him to die and now he has to come to the decision of whether to tell the police of what happened or to hide the body. Simple enough isn’t it? Not quite.

As one story leads to another, the secrets and lies become even more dark and twisted.

But, then everything shatters.

Life is never easy, but death is even harder.