King Of Shadows

  • Publisher : Red Fox
  • Author : Susan Cooper
  • ISBN : 9781849412742
  • MBE Code : 224
  • Number Of Pages : 256
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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I lay very still, with all my senses telling me that I had gone mad. The plague? Nobody’s had the plague for centuries . . .Nathan Field, a talented young actor, arrives at the newly rebuilt Globe Theatre in London to play Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As rehearsals begin, eerie echoes of the past begin to haunt Nat, and he falls sick with a mysterious sickness.When he wakes, Nat finds himself in 1599, an actor at the original Globe – and his co-star is none other than the King of Shadows himself: William Shakespeare.Nat’s new life is full of excitement, danger and the passionate friendship that he has longed for since the tragic death of his parents. But why has he been sent to the past – and is he trapped there forever?