I Am The Minotaur (Super-Readable Rollercoasters)

  • Publisher : Oxford
  • Author : Anthony McGowan
  • ISBN : 9780198494874
  • MBE Code : 686
  • Number Of Pages : 136
  • Book Cover : Paperback
  • Series : Rollercoasters

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Matthew is 14 and is struggling to fit in – something that’s extra hard when you’re taking care of your mum, being bullied at school, and have earned the nickname Stinky Mog because of your poor personal hygiene. On top of all that, he wants to catch the attention of one of the coolest girls in school, Ari. Ari doesn’t walk: she floats, like mist on the water. And she’s as sporty as she is cool. When Ari’s brand new bike is stolen, Matthew spots his chance to make a good impression by getting it back for her… But will he just end up in even more trouble or is Matthew is about to learn that friendship and heroes can be found in unlikely places?

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