• Publisher : Nick Hern Books
  • Author : Christopher Heimann
  • ISBN : 9781854597373
  • MBE Code : 167
  • Number Of Pages : 96
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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Imagine that you must choose one single memory from your life and capture it with a magical camera – everything else will be erased. Imagine that choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity. Imagine that you have just one hour to choose…This is the premise behind 100, a show devised by three writers for five actors, which burst upon the Edinburgh Festival in August 2002, winning a Fringe First Award in the process.Alex, Ketu, Sophie and Nia find themselves in the “Void”, where they meet an officious but mysterious guide. They are given one hour to choose one single memory from their lives which will be caught by a magical camera, whilst all others will be erased from their minds forever. Stranded here – after death- by tragedy, the four have no choice but to make some quick decisions or face eternity alone.One of NHB’s most popular titles with drama groups and students, 100 is a truly original and haunting exploration of life, death and those we leave behind.