• Publisher : Orion
  • Author : Mike Revell
  • ISBN : 9781784290696
  • MBE Code : 235
  • Number Of Pages : 320
  • Book Cover : Paperback

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Owen Smith is worried about his dad. It’s been a year since they lost Owen’s mum, and Owen can see that his dad isn’t coping with the grief that has engulfed them both. But Owen’s dad is a writer, so when Owen suggests beginning another novel, he hopes it will help him.

Then, something crazy happens. Owen wakes up in a strange world beyond his own, where a raging storm called the Darkness threatens to obliterate everyone and everything in its path.

And soon Owen realises the startling truth: he is inside his dad’s story. And as the main character, only he can help his dad battle the storm and reach the end of the book…